Pistol Training - Level 101 Aug 29th 5:30-9

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This is is a great entry level live fire and dry fire class that is 3 hrs for someone to beat there fears add new skills with pistols to learn safety and confidence when handling and shooting a handgun.  We spend time on safe techniques and put them to use in some timed shooting drills. We use paper and steel targets during our class. Skills that we work and focus on are listed below. 

  • Firearms Safety
  • loading and unloading your pistol 
  • proper grip and stance 
  • sight alignment and sight pictures 
  • mag check and chamber check 
  • trigger press 
  • trapping the trigger
  • racking the slide
  • unloading a loaded pistol  
  • 5 step presentation of firearm 
  • safely manipulating a pistol 
  • Knowing the conditions of a pistol 

3 Hour Entry Level Class - Perfect for Date Night! Girls outing, Family outing, corporate events, youth classes, must be 12 years of age or older.  Classes held in Eagle Mountain, UT at Wasatch Wing and Clay.                                    

8000 north 16800 west  

Cedar Fort Ut, 84013                                                                                                


Included is 50 rounds of ammo per shooter. classes can have up to 8 shooters. Space is limited. First come first serve. If you don't know what pistol would be best for you we offer fitting prior to the class days before.  Ask about setting up a fitting with one of the owners/ instructors.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you learn a new skill.  

You must pay 24 hrs prior to guarantee your spot in class.  No refunds prior to 24hrs of class.  Please notify 24 hrs prior to schedule date if you need to cancel or reschedule for a different date.  

Required Equipment-

  • striker fire pistol  (available for purchase on site) or rent
  • Automatic ear (available for purchase onsite) or rent
  • Safety glasses (available for purchase on site) or rent
  • Hard External holster for pistol. (available for purchase) or rent out side the waist band (owb)
  • Pistol (available for purchase) or rent
  • Pants with a belt must be worn.
  • Brimmed hat  

Bring your own equipment or you can rent or purchase ours! Rental Equipment starting at $25 for the session that does include pistol rental if needed.

Call or text Shanda 951-334-5141 or Jeremy 801-702-2088 for more information about equipment or upcoming dates.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review