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Steve "Walrus" Jewett

Navy SEAL Veteran





Meet Steve "Walrus" Jewett; a Navy SEAL Vietnam War Veteran.  His love of country and patriotism carried him through his grueling training and two tours to Nam as a member of SEAL Team 1.  His GMG2 rating speaks for itself.

Hailing from BUDS Class 41, Steve's journey through Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training, notorious for its toughness, speaks volumes about his mental toughness and resilience. It was during this time that his fellow SEAL team members bestowed upon him the nickname "Walrus," a nod to his stature, distinctive mustache, and remarkable swimming abilities. His unwavering desire to succeed, and ability to work as team member, not only allowed him to survive training, but his lethal mission assignments in Nam.  Occasionally he would speak of the incredible danger he and his team mates confronted, how their training, skills, and teamwork were the key to surviving and completing their missions. They were brave to a fault, yet humble in nature.

The distinction of Navy SEAL, is one of honor.  Steve spoke of it reverently and carried wounds deep in his heart for his lost team mates.  Steve's accomplishments are exceptional, yet he was determined to pass on his great respect for freedom, country, the effects of war and weapons onto those who he knew and loved.

Steve's legacy extends beyond terrestrial battlegroundshe played a pivotal role in the recovery missions of Apollo 12 and 13, demonstrating his adaptability and skill in unique and challenging situations.

Beyond the battlefield, Steve's enduring commitment to excellence and camaraderie is reflected in the nickname that endures to this day. "Walrus" Jewett continues to inspire others with his experiences and the indomitable spirit that defined his remarkable career as a Navy SEAL.

His fourth daughter, Shanda, found inspiration in his will and patriotism throughout her life. In 2015, after losing her beloved father, Shanda resolved to preserve his story and legacy. Driven by a deep passion for paying it forward and aiding others, she founded Walrus Tactical.

Walrus Tactical, borne out of Shanda's commitment to upholding her father's principles, serves as a beacon for fellow Americans seeking to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Shanda's dedication to honoring her father's memory through service to others exemplifies the enduring legacy of Steve "Walrus" Jewett, ensuring that his story continues to inspire and resonate with generations to come.


Team members of Walrus Tactical

 Shanda Palmer- Owner / Instructor


Meet Shanda Palmer, a multi-talented professional in the realms of film and television, specializing in the transformative arts of hair and makeup since 2004. While her career in the glamorous world of entertainment has been remarkable, Shanda discovered a new passion that transcends the glitz and glamour—the world of firearms.

Shanda found herself drawn to the firearms industry. Motivated by her father's legacy, a Navy SEAL veteran, she felt compelled to share his story and create a positive impact. Shanda's mission is clear: to guide individuals, especially women and civilians, through their journey in the firearms industry, ensuring they avoid common pitfalls.

With an emphasis on learning from mistakes without ego or pride, Shanda is committed to creating a space free from pressure and stress. Her approach is centered on empowering individuals to comfortably embrace firearms education, fostering an environment where learning is encouraged and judgment is left at the door.

Shanda's unique journey—from the world of beauty and transformation in film to the empowering realm of firearms—showcases her versatility and dedication to helping others. With an unwavering commitment to making a difference, Shanda Palmer is not just shaping faces on screen but is also shaping a community where firearms education is accessible, enjoyable, and devoid of unnecessary pressures.

Join Shanda on a journey where the worlds of glamour and grit converge, creating an inclusive space for individuals to learn, grow, and become comfortable with firearms, inspired by the enduring legacy of her father's service.


Ryan Palmer - Co Owner / Instructor



John Rosenhan- Instructor



Kori Rosenhan- Instructor



Justin Hawkes- Instructor 



Emily Brodock - Team manager