Gun Transfers

Gun Transfers with Walrus Tactical

Please follow the below steps to transfer a firearm to Walrus Tactical:

  1. Download the Walrus Tactical FFL form
  2. Print the downloaded Walrus Tactical FFL form
  3. Send that form to the firearms dealer that will be shipping the firearm you acquired to Walrus Tactical
  4. Please ask your shipping dealer to include your contact information with your firearm when shipped
  5. Send Walrus Tactical an email letting us know of a incoming transfer
    1. Please include the dealer information
    2. Shipping details
    3. Your contact information
  6. Once the firearm arrives, we will contact you to arrange the pickup
  7. When you arrive, a background check will be performed, please bring your ID and CCP with you if you have one
  8. There is a $15 firearm transfer fee that will need to be paid when you come to pick up your firearm

For any additional questions or concerns please reach out to us.

Download the Walrus Tactical FFL Form