Vara safe reach s2

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Product Overview

Reach 2S is a handgun safe designed for protection. It is made for gun owners who need immediate access to their gun without sacrificing responsible gun security. With interchangeable holster inserts, Reach works with over 200 handguns. Quick Overview: Fastest gun safe ever (unlocks in 0.2 secs) Stores up to 10 fingerprints 10+ month rechargeable battery life Withstands over 350lbs of force Mechanical key override Product includes: Reach 2S, Security Mount, Holster Insert, Mechanical Keys, Charging Cable, Mounting Screws. Note: The Reach 2S is not compatible with weapon mounted lights and lasers (WML). A version for WML is in the works. However, the Reach 2S is compatible with optics.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review